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Deck TR is BACK and

What is Deck TR?
Deck TR is a programmable invisible thread reel cleverly disguised within a playing card box! What's more natural for a magician than to have a deck of cards on them? Who would ever suspect that a deck of cards or card box has anything to do with the magician causing objects to float or move? Well, Deck TR can do just that! Deck TR is your personal assistant in a box! Deck TR looks just like a real deck of cards, so there's no need to hide this device from your spectators. You can carry it in your pocket, place it on a shelf or even set it right out in the open on a table! Deck TR is a professional magicians tool. As seen in the Video Demo above, Deck TR can float objects, fly objects, move objects, animate objects and do anything that a normal thread reel can do and MUCH more!

See Puck perform with Deck TR on Americas Got Talent!

Key Components of Deck TR

3 Different Performance Modes
Deck TR has 3 separate performance modes. First, Deck TR is programmable, you can record a program and play it back when you are ready. Program mode can also be "paused" and started back up where it stopped. Second, you can use your Deck TR to animate objects with "live" mode. Live mode allows you to operate the motor remotely on and off as you press the button on the wireless Remote. The Third mode is "ITR" mode which allows you to use the unit as a regular IT reel! You do not need a computer to program your Deck TR. Also, Programming is not difficult or confusing, if you can press a button and turn a wheel, you can program your Deck TR!

Precision Speed Control
Deck TR has a built in Precision Speed Control! This allows the user to define their own precise speed according to the type of thread being used! No more "one size fits all" thread control. Now you are in control!

Perfect Tension Technology
The Deck TR controller has what we like to call Perfect Tension Technology. This is a first when it comes to electronic invisible thread reels. What is perfect tension technology? In a nutshell this means normally when you are using electronic invisible thread reels, the biggest drawback is the batteries they use. Some of them use AAA batteries and there's a few out there that use watch style batteries. The drawback to this is that your thread tension always changes depending on battery life. If you put a fresh battery in your unit it will work very well for a little amount of time and then slowly, as the battery begins to drain its power, the tension changes and becomes much weaker. This dramatically affects your invisible thread animations. With perfect tension technology this problem has been eliminated. Each Deck TR unit has a built in computer that insures that the motor always gets the same power. Meaning that your thread tension will always be perfect regardless of battery life! This is quantum leaps ahead of all electronic invisible thread reels!

LiPo Battery
Deck TR uses the latest LiPo battery technology! Your Deck TR will come with 2 rechargeable LiPo Batteries. What does this mean for you? Well, this means that you no longer need to purchase countless batteries only to use them and throw them away! LiPo batteries can be recharged many many times and each charge gives you several performances! You can even recharge your LiPo batteries using the built in charger in your Deck TR!

Computer Interface
Your Deck TR can connect to your computer using the USB cord that comes with your unit. This allows you to save your programs from your Deck TR to your computer! You can reload your programs as you need them and even email them to your friends! (this feature may not work on some older computers)

Remote Activation
Deck TR comes complete with a wireless RF key chain style remote that gives you three functions; the ability to activate the program at any time in your routine, ability to start and stop your programs, and the ability to activate invisible thread reel mode. The remote also enables you to work the motor live. Press the button and the motor activates as long as you hold down the button!

Super Strong Invisible Thread
Each Deck TR comes with 200 yards of pre-stripped Super Strong Invisible Thread! This thread is great for many animations, I use this same thread in my Ultra Hank. Because the Deck TR has speed control, it can use many different kinds of invisible thread, such as James George's "Kevlar" thread or Steve Fearson's "Vectra" thread and many others!

What is included with your Deck TR:

    1 Deck TR Unit
    1 Spool of Super Strong Invisible Thread (200 Yards!) No stripping required!
    2 Extra Deck TR Spools (No Thread Included on these spools)
    2 Magnet Clips
    1 USB to Micro USB Cord
    1 Putty Square
    2 Motor Pod Extension Wires
    2 Rechargeable LiPo Batteries
    1 Remote

    1 DVD Instructions
      (Note: Not all effects in the demo video are taught on the instructional video because the video would be way too long! However, there are some great Tips from Ron Jaxon and Sean teaches the Hanky in the Bottle routine. Once you begin using your Deck TR, you will see how easily it will replace your old invisible thread methods!)

"I know there are many magicians out there that would like to perform some of the effects that can only be performed with invisible thread, but have the fear of the thread breaking during a performance. This is one of the great things about Deck TR. If the Deck TR speed control is set to the right speed for the strength of the thread you are using, The Deck TR can not break the thread! And because it's programmable and you can control it in real time with a remote, you don't have to worry about breaking the thread because of human error (Such as getting snagged on your clothing). So trust me when I say that if you've ever wanted to perform the amazing things that are possible with invisible thread, but worried about the hassles or thread breaking, the Deck TR has eliminated those issues! Your job while performing is only your presentation and pushing a button!"- Ron Jaxon

"I am happy to say that each Deck TR unit is hand made, it is not mass produced! I personally test each unit before it leaves my shop. I believe you will find Deck TR to be a valuable addition to your performance that will allow you to create astonishing and breathtaking effects for your audience! I hope you will enjoy using Deck TR as much as I enjoyed creating it and playing with it myself. Please contact me if you have any questions about Deck TR!" - Sean

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Perfect Bottle

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Set of 5 spools for the Ultra Hank, Deck TR, ITS or CupWow



Super Strong Invisible Thread Replacement Spool

Spool of Super Strong Invisible Thread.

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Deck TR Motor Pod Set with Spool

Deck TR Motor Pod Set with Spool



2 Deck TR or ITS Batteries

2 Deck TR or ITS Batteries
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